2016 Dorothy Walker Scholar

The Dorothy Walker scholarship is a $1,000 award given to recognize Walker’s efforts and advocacy for individuals with LD/ADHD and her passion for young people striving despite the challenges that have faced.

This award recognizes students in Colorado that have succeeded in advancing their educational process by recognizing their learning difficulties and developing strategies to meet and exceed their life goals.

These students understands that self-advocacy & self-knowledge are powerful tools. Dorothy Walker Scholars are not afraid to use these tools and help others cultivate similar resilience and strength.

Congratulations 2016 Dorothy Walker Scholar – Scott Weygandt

  • “Determined, decisive and diligent” is how Scott Weygandt’s school counselor describes him. In spite of the dual challenges of Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD.

    Scott has focused on his strengths in science and mathematics to earn an IB diploma with a 4.4 GPA from Niwot High School, along with many other awards and recognitions.

    In spite of Scott’s admitted difficulties with language and social interaction, he has taken on impressive leaderships roles, including earning his Eagle Scout by organizing and directing his troop in building two handicapped picnic tables for a local educational center.

    Scott learned the importance of advocating for himself in high school, and realizes that it will be especially important to continue his advocacy in college.

    His fascination with computers and science has made him a valuable member of his FIRST Robotics teams and he plans to use his education in computer science to help solve world problems.

    Scott plans on attending the University of Colorado this fall where he will major in computer science with a minor in applied mathematics.

    Scott’s scientific prowess has led him to imagine an, “artificial intelligence to analyze communication to provide clues to people on the autistic spectrum about how to be more socially interactive.”

    The LEAD Foundation has no doubt he will make his mark on the world and we look forward to hearing about his future accomplishments.