“We spend enough time talking about what LEAD kids can’t do. Lets talk about what LEAD kids CAN DO.”
– Po

Why Give?

Because everybody needs support! Especially students with learning disabilities and attention issues and the people that love them.

What Does the LEAD Foundation do with my financial support?

There is a lot that comes with being a support system. Here is a snapshot of some of the investments we have made with the financial support from you:

    Free community forums to educate the community on important issues
    Coach students and parents on how to manage social, emotional and academic issues
    Workshops to help parents, students and educators understand the science behind learning disabilities and attention issues
    Development student leadership, self-advocacy, and confidence
    Fund costs associated with sending our student experts to present to education decision makers, parents and students at conferences all over the United States and right here in Colorado
    Provide $3,000 in annual scholarships
    Help support the costs associated with bringing the LEAD curriculum and program to more schools so our support system can grow
We feel lucky at LEAD because we get to reframe the conversation around students with learning disabilities and attention issues from “can’t” to “can”. And we CAN because of your support.

How can I give?

We make giving easy! Feel free to donate any amount meaningful to you through our donation cart.

By Mail

Checks can be mailed to the LEAD Foundation at PO Box 2516, Colorado Springs, CO 80901

By Phone

Call Kathryn Carruth at 806.789.2369

Other Ways

Email director@leadcolorado.org to learn more about how you can support our programs.