Parent & Student Workshops

One Hour Could Change Everything

In an effort to bring the benefits of LEAD to more students in the Pikes Peak Region, the LEAD Foundation designed a series of workshops for high school students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD and their parents.

LEADing the Way is organized into 10, one-hour workshop classes, that take place during weekday evenings.

At this time we are able to offer this workshop for little to no cost thanks to generous underwriters. Join us for our fall LEADing the Way Workshop by clicking here.

What YOU can expect from this 10 week course

An introduction to brain architecture, typical brain functions, and basic neurology. An emphasis is placed on teenage brains and emotions.
We discuss Dysgraphia, auditory and visual processing, written language disabilities, dyscalculia, and other common learning disabilities.

Symptoms and strategies to compensate are addressed and students are presented with legal rights and school plans to address accommodations.

The goal of weeks 2-3 is to increase self-knowledge so that students hone their self advocacy and self awareness skills.

Learn about research on dyslexia and its impact on education. We will address the symptoms, diagnosis, myths and facts.
Learn about the symptoms and types of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Learn strategies for managing attention, best practices, and common types of medication.

Learn about depression, bi-polar disorder, and general anxiety disorder. This class covers symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment and the social, emotional, and educational impact on adolescent brains.

The second half of the session considers the effects of marijuana, amphetamines, various designer drugs, tobacco, and alcohol on developing brains. Through addressing science-based research students build an understanding of the risks of short and long term usage.

Learn about the 11 executive functions of adolescence and early adulthood.

Attendees evaluate their own executive functions and identify strengths, weaknesses and improvement strategies.

Discover the process of memory, and the different types of memory.

Get trained on strategies for more efficient memory results and evaluate your own memory!

When it comes to teenage behavior have you ever wondered, “Why do they act that way?” This parent’s only night answers that question.

Research about the developing teenage brain, in all its glory, is revealed.

I realized I could accomplish the same things as the “smart kids”. I would just take a different route to get there.

Jack Anderson, LEAD Class of 2013

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