Resource Library


  • The Hillsprings Learning Center

    A non-profit, half-day school, located in Colorado Springs, specifically for students with learning disabilities and AD/HD »

  • National Center for Learning Disabilities

    News, events, resources and relevant information about learning disabilities »

  • LD Online

    The major LD website offering a wealth of detailed information on virtually any topic in the field of learning disabilities »

  • Learning Disabilities Association of America

    National and regional conferences, parent assistance services, booklists, publications, etc. Membership in the National LDA includes enrollment in LDA of Colorado »

  • Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities

    Helping parents help their children with LD succeed »

  • Peak Parent

    Events and Resources in the Pikes Peak area. »

  • Dr. Robert Brooks

    Monthly articles by Dr. Brooks on Resilience and self esteem »

  • All Kinds of Minds

    Articles on learning disabilities by Dr. Mel Levine and information on schools attuned. Monthly newsletter »

  • Learning Disabilities World Wide

    Information for adult and childhood LD »

  • Wrights Law

    Extensive information on Special Education laws and Advocacy »

  • International Dyslexia Association

    The national organization and regional chapters offer conferences, publications, information, etc. on dyslexia »

  • Beach Center

    Beach Center on disabilities

  • Understood

    Understood aims to give parents a direct path to the support they need most to make them feel more confident and capable, less frustrated and alone »

  • Online Colleges
    A collection of resources designed to help visually impaired students transition into higher education and achieve success in the college classroom once enrolled »



  • Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder »

  • Additude Online by ADDitude Magazine

    Provides information and an e-newsletter for adults and children with ADD »

  • Help for ADD

    Information and research on AD/HD »

  • AD/HD Management »

  • One ADD Place

    Information and resources relating to AD/HD »

  • Attention Deficit Disorder Organization

    Dedicated to providing information, resources and networking opportunities to adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and the professionals who serve them »

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